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Sugar Products

Industrial Sugar

Industrial Sugar

Amalgamated Sugar produces pure sugar in various forms including liquids and granulations. Our sugar is produced according to tight specifications and on a large scale to meet the needs of customers in the food, beverage, and pharmaceutical manufacturing industries.

White Satin

White Satin

White Satin® is pure granulated sugar, sold in an assortment of granulations and packages to meet your industrial, retail and household needs. We have been proudly selling White Satin® sugar since 1897.

Feed Products

Feed Products

Amalgamated Sugar produces a variety of feed products for many types of livestock. These feed products are produced from molasses and the pulp generated during our sugar production. We sell our feed products both domestically and internationally.

Making Sugar

Why Sugar Beets

Sugar Beets

  • Sugar is 100% natural
  • Sugar – whether from sugar beets or sugar cane, is the same pure and natural sugar that consumers have always enjoyed
  • Sugar beets are a sustainable crop
  • Sugar beets are the source of 55% of sugar produced in the United States
How Sugar Is Grown

How Sugar Is Grown

  • Seeds are planted
  • Seedlings emerge
  • Leaves develop & grow
  • Photosynthesis creates sugar
  • Sugar collects in the root
  • Sugar beets are ready for harvest!
How Sugar Is Made

How Sugar Is Made

  • Sugar beets are transported from field to factory
  • Beets are washed & cossetted
  • Raw sugar juice is extracted
  • Raw juice is purified and concentrated
  • Sugar is crystalized from the concentrate, then dried, cooled, packaged & shipped
  • The entire process takes about 12 hours

Sugar Beet Agronomy

Sugar Facts

Sugar provides energy for the body’s cells and brain. Sugar can aid in making healthy foods more palatable. It also aids in food preservation and provides functional attributes such as viscosity, texture, body, and browning capacity.

Sugar Beets are a sustainable crop. Growing sugar beets and refining sugar creates jobs, generating a positive economic effect

Our Sugar is 100% pure sucrose. It is not chemically altered or bleached during processing. One teaspoon of sugar contains only 15 calories.

About Us

Amalgamated Sugar
Boise, ID

The Amalgamated Sugar Company LLC produces sugar from sugar beets grown by the 780 plus members of our parent cooperative, Snake River Sugar Company. We trace our roots to Logan, Utah, in 1897, and are now headquartered in Boise, Idaho. Amalgamated Sugar is the second largest refiner and processor of sugar from sugar beets in the United States.

Amalgamated Sugar Processing Plants

Amalgamated Sugar produces sugar in its processing plants in Nampa, Paul, and Twin Falls, Idaho, and in Nyssa, Oregon. We produce approximately one million tons of sugar annually from sugar beets grown by the members of our parent cooperative, Snake River Sugar Company.

Snake River Sugar Company
Boise, ID

Snake River Sugar Company is a cooperative corporation of sugar beet growers originally formed in 1994. In 1997, Snake River Sugar Company purchased and took over management of Amalgamated Sugar Company. The cooperative consists of approximately 780 sugar beet growers in Idaho, Oregon, and Washington.

NSM – National Sugar Marketing LLC
Savannah, GA

National Sugar Marketing (NSM) is a joint venture between The Amalgamated Sugar Company LLC and Sucden Americas Corporation, an international sugar trading and marketing organization. NSM markets and sells all sugar produced by Amalgamated Sugar and all sugar sourced by Sucden for the U.S. market.

ARi – Amalgamated Research LLC
Twin Falls, ID

Amalgamated Research LLC (ARi) is a separate, wholly-owned subsidiary of Amalgamated Sugar. ARi is a process research and development company specializing in creation and management of innovative technology from lab and pilot studies to full-scale industrial implementation.

ARi sells and licenses its products and technologies worldwide to sugar producers and other industrial customers.

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  • Snake River Sugar Company
  • National Sugar Marketing
  • ARI — Amalgamated Research

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