June Work Anniversaries & Retirements

June Work Anniversaries & Retirements |
Amalgamated Sugar June 2, 2020

Amalgamated Sugar would like to recognize the following individuals for their years of service to the Company.

5 Years

Alana Taylor

Travis Beavers

10 Years

Gabriel Frank

Sean Arritt

Emily Prumers

40 Years

Joseph Huff

Janice Grisenti

 Thank you for your service, June retirees!

Martin Watson, 10 years

Chad Weekes, 11 years

Michael Goodman, 16 years

Tom Dolecheck, 19 years

Donald Kayser, 20 years

Timothy Hermann, 21 years

Scott Bingham, 25 years

Jesus Quiroz, 28 years

Randy McCoppin, 38 years

Steven Legault, 40 years