Environmental Commitment

Preserving the environment, being good neighbors and dedicated stewards of the land is of highest importance to our company and our grower-members. Amalgamated Sugar is proud of our history of progressive environmental improvements on the farm and in the factory, and recognize the increasingly high expectations of our neighbors, customers, and other stakeholders. Our Company is  committed to regulatory compliance and embraces any opportunity to minimize our impact on the environment.

Energy Conservation & Improved Efficiencies

Through technological advances, Amalgamated Sugar has improved and continues to improve the overall energy efficiencies of its operations. Facilities have also increased the use of cleaner fuels. As a result, our greenhouse gas emissions have decreased significantly.

Water Conservation & Reuse

Our processing facilities are net producers of water from sugarbeets. Sophisticated systems have been developed at each facility for recycling and reusing excess water, reducing the need for freshwater in process operations.

Sustainable Farming Practices

Amalgamated Sugar grower-owners continue to implement sustainable agricultural practices to protect farm ground and the environment.


Our Company will continue to focus on reductions in energy use, air emissions, and excess water discharges as well as increased beneficial reuse of residual products.