We are dedicated to safety, in order to ensure the well-being of ourselves, our families, and our employees.

We operate in a culture of safety. We pride ourselves on providing a safe environment for all employees and visitors.

We are committed to maintaining an accident-free work-zone year round. We conduct weekly safety meetings, annual safety training, new employee safety training, on-the job station training, as well as any other training as needed.

Because safety is of the utmost concern, we have committed to constant improvement of our safety policies and procedures.

Amalgamated Sugar goes above and beyond to ensure all equipment and machinery is fully functional and safe to operate throughout processing.

All beet receiving stations have personnel trained in First Aid and CPR.

Letter from the CEO

John McCreedy

President & CEO, The Amalgamated Sugar Company LLC

Safety Is How We Do Business

It is my privilege to communicate with you as a fellow employee of Amalgamated Sugar. Working safely is a condition of employment. As such, I encourage you to bring any safety concern to the attention of your supervisor, manager or to me if you feel your concern has not been addressed.

Our goal is to be the best sugar company in the world. In order to help us reach that goal, and before you do anything else, we ask that you commit 100% to working safely at all times.



  • A commitment to safety is a commitment to yourself, your fellow employees, and your most cherished asset – your family.
  • We want you and every other employee to return home uninjured - every day.
  • A commitment to safety is a commitment to excellence. When we work safely, we work effectively. Everyone benefits.
  • No task is so important that we cannot take the time to perform it safely.
  • A commitment to safety is a commitment to communicating well and trusting each other. Communication and trust are the foundation of every good relationship. We value our relationship with you and every other employee.
  • World class organizations have first class safety programs. We are a world class organization, and we are glad you made the decision to join us.

Again, if you have a safety concern, please bring it to our attention. And remember, “SAFETY IS HOW WE DO BUSINESS.”